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NEWS from Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation

The Southeast Fairfax Development Corpation (SFDC) is currently running a short survey on consumer perception of the Richmond Highway corridor and marketing the new Fordson Place Shopping Center’s grand opening on October 1st.

The Survey will allow you to give SFDC valuable insight into how you feel about the area and what sort of changes you want to see. By taking it, you also get a chance to win a $5 Starbucks E-Gift Card! The results will be shared with community leaders and be used to better effect revitalization. The survey can be found here:

The Grand Opening for the Fordson Place Shopping Center (located directly across from Mount Vernon Plaza), is an event SFDC is hosting to attract community members to the stores and to also celebrate an example of positive development along the Corridor.  It’s a free event for the public that will feature food, coupons, a fair-like ambiance, store swag, a fun afternoon, etc. and is scheduled on Wednesday, October 1 from 4-7PM. View the event flyer, or check out the event detail at SFDC's website here:


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Planning & Zoning Special August 1, 2013, meeting on Proposed Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance Amendment for Residential Studios/Efficiencies


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