SFDC Business Roundtable Speaker Series Returns! Thursday, March 16 – New Location

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-BRSS Returns this Thursday, March 16

-New location is the SpringHill Suites, located next door to the previous location
New Location: SpringHill Suites
6065 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA 22303

(Next door to previous location)
The Business Roundtable Speaker Series Returns!

Legal Issues for Small Businesses: Getting started, growing, and fixing mistakes

8:30AM this Thursday, March 16 at the
  SpringHill Suites


Legal Issues for Small Businesses

New to business? An experienced hand? We’ve got the program for you! Don’t get bogged down by contracts, intellectual property questions, to incorporate or not, and volatile partners. 

Join SFDC as we kick-off the 2017 BRSS season with two brilliant attorneys, Jennifer Schiffer and Jennifer Elgin, from one of the DC area’s premier law firms, Bean Kinney & Korman P.C. Click the image below to RSVP.


**FREE** Light Breakfast for Attendees

This Thursday, March 16
SpringHill Suites
6065 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA 22303

Fairfax Forward

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The County is redoing the process for comprehensive planning.  Fairfax Forward is the title of the process.  The MVCCA will be testifying about this issues.
Public Hearings are:
Planning Commission— April 19th
Board of Supervisors— May 16th

Here is the link to the staff presentation of the proposed changes to Fairfax Forward:

Additional information on the process can be found here:

Short Term Rentals

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Together we get things done:
Our efforts have helped get a bill on Short term rentals ( AKA Airbnb) passed in Richmond.  It is now on the Governors desk for signature.  Once signed local jurisdictions will be able to regulate the short term rental business operations .

From the Co-Chairs – February 2017

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  1. The MVCCA Policy and Practices Manual has been updated to clarify who can vote for and represent our members’ associations.  See the changes here.
  2. North Hill Rezoning.  MVCCA’s approved resolution on this matter was used as the basis for our testimony at the Planning Commissions (PC) rezoning hearing on Feb 1. On February 8, the PC approved the North Hill Development Rezoning.
  3. On February 14, the BOS held public hearings on North Hill Development rezoning and the 2017 Pest Management Program.  MVCCA approved GC positions on both matters have been provided to Supervisor Storck.
  4. On February 23 the Planning Commission will hear public testimony on the updates to the zoning ordinance regarding commercial vehicle parking in residential communities.  See Transportation Resolution in the February 2017 RECORD.
  5. Election for the vacant Co-Chair position will take place during General Council meeting on Feb 22.

New Business – February 2017

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As discussed and proposed by the MVCCA Board at the January 25, 2017 General Council meeting, a vote will be taken on the following change to the MVCCA By-Laws:


This change is being recommended as a way to more clearly identify the mission for the Committee.  In accordance with the MVCCA By-Laws, this vote will take place at the March General Council meeting.  Please plan to attend to vote on this change.


As previously addressed discussed in the November 2016 General Council Meeting, the nominating committee is hereby recommending Mark Viani as the candidate to fill the vacant Co-Chair position.

Mark Viani has agreed to be nominated to fill the Co-Chair vacancy, as well as run in the May election. He has lived in the Mount Vernon district off and on for 46 years, and has been involved with the MVCCA for several years, most recently as the Planning & Zoning Committee Chair and the current President of Collingwood On The Potomac. Mark also has extensive experience as an Attorney at Bean, Kinney & Korman, specializing in local government issues. He is also a member of the SFDC, and several other local organizations.

3. Committee Chair Ratification for  the Position of the Land Use, Planning and Zoning Committee

The Co-Chairs recommend for your ratification Andrew Vinisky as the Chair of the Land Use, Planning and Zoning Committee.

A new DRAFT of the Board of Supervisors Environmental Vision

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A new DRAFT of the Board of Supervisors Environmental Vision has been released for public comment?  Here it is:  http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/living/environment/environmental-vision-draft-update.pdf

MVCCA’s Resolution here: http://www.mvcca.org/Resolutions/res-E&R-2016-02.pdf submitted comments on this in February 2016.

Public Comments on this material can be submitted here:   Fairfax County Environmental Vision Draft Update Survey.  The public comment period ends on March 6, 2017.

Short Term Rental Actions

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The MVCCA passed a resolution in Nov 2016 regarding what we wanted to see happen with the legislation over Short Term Rentals (STR).  Bottom line was: Let the local jurisdictions set their own regulations and codes regarding the operation of STR (AKA airBNB).

The Virginia House and Senate Bills SB1578 and SB1579 have now have been consolidated now one bill and it offers legislation that meets the MVCCAs goals. If passed by the Senate they go to the House. All this action will be completed probably by this Thursday. These Bills are moving quickly through the Senate and House and if you want to contact your legislators please do so.

See update here.

Happy Birthday, Fairfax County!

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Fairfax County will celebrate its 275th Anniversary. Glen Fatzinger (a founding co-chair of the MVCCA) is the Mount Vernon district representative to the County Historical Society.

Potential Committee Changes to be discussed

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  • We will discuss combining the Transportation and Public Safety Committees into one committee. This will require a by-laws change.
  • The board is considering changing the name of the P&Z committee to the Land Use, Planning and Zoning Committee. This action will be discussed at the GC meeting.