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In January 2012, the MVCCA Executive Board ended the Special Committee on Affordable and Workforce Housing and returned primary responsibility for identifying and developing current housing issues for MVCCA attention and action to the Standing Committee for Health and Human Services (HHS)

 Availability and affordability of safe housing appropriate to a spectrum of needs and incomes remains a key issue for community development and well-being.  Housing issues are included in HHS Reports for the MVCCA RECORD.

 This MVCCA Affordable and Workforce Housing Page lists Issues of Interest and informational links to a selection of web sites, reports, and other public information on line that may assist citizens who seek to understand and participate in housing policy choices we face in our Northern Virginia region, Fairfax County, and the southeastern Human Services Region I in which Mount Vernon District lies. This Page also provides an overview of MVCCA Actions in the Housing Decade (2000-2010) that began with recognizing multiple causes of homelessness and seeking ways to respond to the widening impact on the entire community of the shrinking supply of housing affordable to people living and working here. Milestone documents of MVCCA’s Special Committee on Affordable and Workforce Housing (2005-2011) are linked.

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The “Housing Decade” in Fairfax County is one of public dialogue in which MVCCA has played an active role. Outcomes are documented in the Fairfax County web site,, with links to Pages that mark broad collaborative community planning efforts that became two closely related Initiatives adopted by the Board of Supervisors:

  • the Initiative to Preserve Affordable Housing

The RHA/HCD Report to the Community (2011) on the “Decade of Progress from 2001 to 2010” illustrates the kinds of projects completed.

  • the Initiative for Ending Homelessness

The Ten Year Implementation Plan To Prevent and End Homelessness began in 2008, based on the nationally tested cost-effective strategy of putting people into stable “Housing First – with Services” that support resilience, recovery, and restored self-sufficiency and that reduce recidivism and chronic dependency:

When the Board of Supervisors decided, in 2010, to direct all available housing funds, from public and private sources, to four goals that serve the “greatest need,” the resulting Housing Blueprint–A Housing Strategy for FY 2011 and Beyond became the agreed matrix for establishing annual incremental steps toward the critical goals, and four strategic “concepts,” with target numbers and potential resources for funding specified programs, for each: Housing Those with Greatest Need, Bridging Affordability, Strategic Housing Programs, and Private Partnerships to Expand Workforce Housing.  The FY 2013 Blueprintindicated ten-year goals versus actual progress to date, revealing shortfalls.

The basic plan—to coordinate public funds for housing (largely federal and County) and for services (state, federal, and County) and then leverage additional resources through public/private Partnerships—continues to face tough fiscal constraints on the capacity to meet growing needs.


Expanding the supply of Affordable Housing appropriate to future needs is a critical aspect of Richmond Highway Revitalization and Redevelopment.

 Report of the Committee on Housing and Community Development, of the Mount Vernon Visioning Task Force, pages 78-99:

MVCCA on North Hill Redevelopment

The Fx Co Redevelopment and Housing Authority is planning redevelopment of land parcels RHA holds on Richmond Highway.

In spring 2012, Supervisor Hyland requested an MVCCA response to the “concept,” in a new unsolicited proposal, for a Public/Private Partnership to develop “North Hill Village” with 204 units of affordable housing and additional amenities. The proposal concept would require rezoning. A letter to Supervisor Hyland ratified by the General Council expressed MVCCA’s “yes” to County consideration, in tandem with development of the RHA by-right proposal: the MVCCA Letter is published in the MVCCA Record, June 2012, pages 14-15.

Fx Co Budget: FY 2014 & FY 2015 Community Engagement Process

Fx Co Budget Page provides community opportunities to comment, starting Nov. 14, 2012, at South County Center, 7-9 PM, Room 221, or an on-line survey:

HOUSING NEWS / INFORMATION / REPORTS is a directory of links.

e-ffordable.orgKeeping Fairfax Affordable is the newsletter that reports periodically on the Affordable Housing Initiative, in relation to Housing Blueprint goals and strategies.

Fx Co Redevelopment and Housing Authority (“Housing Programs” Page) provides news, announcements, and links to housing program descriptions, the Housing Blueprint—FY 2011 and Beyond, RHA’s Report to the Community, General Info (on RHA and HCD, RHA schedule of meetings, etc.) and Other Resources that include “Strategic Plans.”:

Housing the Region’s Future Workforce: Policy Challenges for Local Jurisdictions (October 25, 2011), 85 pages, PDF, is on line from George Mason University Center for Regional Analysis, whose web home page features news, data, and Research links to this and other regional reports:

Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance provides “alerts”, news, and a bank of links to information from all regional jurisdictions:


The Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan resides on line in its current form, with a HOUSING Policy section (“Amended through 3-4-2014) that includes an Introduction,  5 Objectives with policies to guide planning and zoning for each, and an Appendix “Guidelines for Provision of Workforce Housing (10 pages, PDF).

See also the County’s new process for amending the Zoning Ordinance and updating the Comprehensive Plan: FAIRFAX FORWARD.

The Fairfax County web site provides at “DPZ” (Department of Planning & Zoning directory), links to the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan contents (see Policy, Housing) and to the Fairfax Forward process:  http//