Membership Information & Application

Each member association is encouraged to designate a person to be the representative to each of the standing committees: Budget & FinanceConsumer AffairsEducationEnvironment & RecreationHealth & Human ServicesPlanning & ZoningPublic Safety, and Transportation. Only representatives from member associations have a right to speak at meetings and only members can vote. At the discretion of the presiding Chair, non-members might be allowed to speak.

MVCCA Membership Application

MVCCA Membership Application (Google Form)

This is a fillable Google form.  Fill it out, then mail a check with your dues as instructed at the completion of the form.  A pdf file of your responses will be emailed to you.

From the Bylaws:


SECTION 1.  ELIGIBILITY.  The MVCCA shall have one class of members, referred to as member associations. An eligible member is a citizens’ association.  For the purposes of membership eligibility, the term “citizens’ association” shall include a civic association, community association, property owners association, homeowners association, and condominium unit owners association.  Any citizens’ association geographically located within the Mount Vernon Magisterial District of Fairfax County, Commonwealth of Virginia, shall be eligible for membership, provided that (1) the citizens’ association is organized and operated for nonpartisan and noncommercial purposes, and (2) the citizens’ association represents at least ten housing units within a contiguous geographic area.

SECTION 2.  VOTING. Each member association shall be entitled to one vote in the General Council and one vote in each Standing Committee, which shall be exercised by the association’s authorized representative, or President, to the General Council and its authorized representative, or President, to any Standing Committee, respectively. Absentee voting and voting by mail shall not be permitted.

SECTION 3.  APPLICATION. In order to apply for membership, a citizens’ association must submit to the Secretary a completed Membership Application Form and payment for the current year’s Membership Dues.  The Board of Directors shall review the application and if determined to be proper and complete will present such application to the General Council at its next scheduled meeting.  The applicant citizens’ association shall become a member association upon a favorable majority vote of those member associations present and voting. Upon approval the applicant citizens’ association shall be entitled to participate in the proceedings of the General Council as a member association. If membership is denied, any dues payment submitted by the applicant citizens’ association shall be refunded.

SECTION 4.  DUES. The MVCCA membership year shall run from July 1 through June 30. Annual Membership Dues shall be recommended by the Board of Directors, subject to approval by the General Council at the Annual Meeting. Annual Membership dues are based upon the number of households within the boundaries of the member association. Membership Dues shall be due and payable on or before July 1 of each year, or upon admission as a member association.

SECTION 5.  SUSPENSION. Any member association that fails to pay its Membership Dues by September 1, and/or fails to provide a completed Membership Renewal Form, shall be suspended from voting at General Council, Standing and Special Committee meetings, and the member association’s subscriptions to the RECORD shall be suspended until their Annual Membership Dues are paid. The membership of any association that is still in arrears on October 1 shall be automatically terminated.

SECTION 6.  ASSESSMENTS.  The General Council, by a two-thirds vote of the authorized representatives present and voting, shall have the authority to levy special assessments from time to time for legitimate purposes of the MVCCA.